Single Phase Filters

DinRail Mount AC EMC/EMI Mains Filter

DIn rail- EMC filter- single phase
2 kg
1 month
Total EMC Products Ltd
Variable speed motor drives Thyristor driven equip
Product Size:
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Standard Data
  •          Assists client’s equipment to meet EC requirements
  •          Latest RFI component technology ensures superior performance at a more competive price
  •          Increased system reliability & efficiency
  •          Equipment/System downtime reduced
  •          Operation and service costs reduced
Technical Data
  •          Current Rating: 3 – 13A
  •          Voltage: 230V AC
  •          Frequency: 50 – 60Hz
  •          Attenuation: Low
The DIN1 range of filters have been specifically designed to overcome the inherent EMC/RFI ‘noise’ problems typically encountered by system and control panel builders, where devices such as variable speed motor drives, thyristor driven equipment, PLC’s, air conditioners, fan controllers and switch mode power supplies are common place. Such equipment switch high voltages and currents to achieve efficiency, this generates radio frequency interference (RFI) and high surge voltages, which have the potential to disturb or damage other circuits.
The DIN1 filter range is a high performance filter design in a 2 line format, with excellent noise suppression characteristics particularly at low frequencies where switching power devices need it most.
The filters components are housed in a compact din rail mounted enclosure, thus making it the ideal EMC/RFI solution for all system and panel builders where space typically is a premium.