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The Complete Solution


Total EMC Products Electro-Magnetic Compatbility (EMC) Pre-Compliance Service has been developed to help designers, manufacturers and distributors, comply with the relevant international EMC performance standards. With 40 years experience in EMC and RFI solutions, our engineers are able to offer a custom tailored, interactive service where guidance on design and component selection is available at all stages. Following accurate test measurement, detailed performance reporting and comprehensive recommendations, the client is able to take the most efficient and commercially effective route to compliance.



Product Appraisal

Upon receipt of the clients instruction, our technical staff will undertake an initial Product Evaluation. This will normally encompass an analysis of the complexity of the problem and builds an appreciation of the clients needs.



Where conditions allow, Total EMC Products engineers will visit the client's site to perform a range of tests to establish the products signature to emissions and immunity. Alternatively, a fully equipped test area is available at EMC Solutions convenient and easily accessible central location.

Testing process: Whats involved?


In the event of a products failure to comply, Total EMC Products can call upon its EMC engineers experience to provide advice on the design criteria required to meet the applicable standards and legislation. All recommendations are made in the context of practical, cost conscious manufacturing and commercial solutions.



Total EMC Products have the capability to undertake remedial work ranging from the basic physical layout and sourcing of components to complete redevelopment projects. An expansive stock of EMC components from shielding, gaskets and ferrites through to a range of standard filters are readily available. We have at our disposal, various facilities which allow rapid design & assembly of low cost devices including custom suppression and surge protection filters. These solutions can be installed at time-of-test to quickly remedy the non-compliance condition.



The final stage is the provision of data, in report form derived from the calibrated test results, to enable confident self-certification of the clients equipment as required by the EMC Directive. In summary, Total EMC Products service endeavours to provide the most competent cost effective test and remedial facility within the shortest possible time scale. In addition to the standard range of filters, Total EMC Products specialise in the design and manufacture of filters to suit your specific design requirements.


  • Emissions - Evaluation of conducted and radiated emissions, thus indicating compliance or failure in accordance with the relevant standards.
  • Immunity - A selection of tests to assess the performance of client's equipment to withstand voltage transient, radiated field, electrostatic discharge and bulk current injection in accordance with the relevant standards.
  • All test measurements would indicate the range of frequencies or levels of failure applicable to the type of testing.
  • Full documentation is provided to enable the client to compliment their Technical Construction File (TCF) and self-certify their equipment, subject to satisfactory EMC results.