Single Phase Filters

DinRail Mount AC EMC/EMI Mains Filter

DIn rail- EMC filter- single phase
7 kg
1 month
Total EMC Products Ltd
Switched mode power supplies, Thyristor driven equ
Product Size:
see datasheet

Standard Data
  •          Assists compliance with the EMC directive
  •          State of the art technology ensures superior performance
  •          Competitively priced
  •          Micro size - Reduced weight - Cost effective component
Technical Data
  •          Current Rating: 6 – 32A
  •          Voltage: 230V AC
  •          Frequency: 50 – 60Hz
  •          Attenuation: Medium-high
The PNE Din filter Range has been specifically designed to overcome EMC problems inherently caused by system and control panel builders, where devices such as variable speed motor drives, thyristor driven equipment, PLC’s, air conditioners, fan controllers and switch mode power supplies are common place. They also benefit in applications especially where size constraints and low earth leakage is an issue.
The PNE Din series is a two-stage design in a 2-line format, with excellent suppression characteristics particularly
at 10K - 200KHz where power supplies tend not to perform and require effective attenuation.
The filter components are housed in compact chassis mounted, aluminum enclosures. Din rail connectors are added to the enclosure for din rail mounting. It is then encapsulated in a polyurethane-potting compound to give excellent protection against shock and vibration.