3 Phase filters

MVSD Military Compliant Variable Speed Drive EMC /EMI Filter

MVSD EMC filter- Three phase
10 kg
1 month
Total EMC Products Ltd
Variable speed drives, Vector Drives, Fire Pumps,
Product Size:
See Datasheet

Standard Data
  •          Compact dimensions
  •          High attenuation characteristics
  •          Transient protection available
  •          Low losses
  •          Low earth leakage
Technical Data
  •          Current Rating: 3– 400A
  •          Voltage: 230 -480V AC
  •          Frequency: 50 – 60Hz
  •          Attenuation: Medium – Very High
This exciting new range recently designed to ensure variable speed drives meet Def Stan: 59/41 and 59/411 emission levels for below deck use. This innovative design structure has evolved with performance and power losses in mind.
Unlike conventional filter technology this range has the advantages of having low earth leakage, due to the optimum components used within filter units. The output filter has low power losses so that the filter can remain a discrete device yet provide a high level of performance that allows standard cable use for compliance. 
Both input and output filters are paired to ensure correct matching of power ratings. These pairs are housed in an aluminum case and encapsulated to provide resistance to shock and vibration whilst have a low weight and volume.

Please refer to datasheet.