4 way custom military air con filter
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WEB008 Military Custom 4 Way DC EMC/EMI Filter - WEB008

Weight: 2 kg
Availability: 1 month
Manufacturer: Total EMC Products Ltd
Application: Military Vehicle, Air conditioning, DC power suppl
Product Size: See Datasheet

download1050969B web008.pdf


Product Information

Standard Data
  •          Customer specific design

Technical Data
  •          Current Rating: 10A
  •          Voltage: 63V DC
The 4 line filter has been designed to be chassis mounted and provide a feed through of up to 4 power or data lines. The filter is made of aluminium and the filter is encapsulated in polyurethane to ensure shock and vibration is contained. The input is via a mil std circular connector to provide a screened connection through the filter. The filtration performance of the filter has been tuned to provide the best for use with DC applications and air conditioning. The filter has 3 separate chambers to provide a high attenuation at high frequencies.