MU70- EMC filter- single phase

MU70- Military High Performance Filter - MU70

Weight: 1.5 kg
Availability: 1 month
Manufacturer: Total EMC Products Ltd
Product Size: See Datasheet

download1051262B MU70.pdf


Product Information

Standard Data:
  •          High current capability
  •          High common & differential mode insertion loss
  •          Improved mid frequency performance
  •          Optional input transient suppression to suit application
Technical Data:
  •          Current Rating: 15A
  •          Voltage: 480V AC
  •          Frequency: 50 – 60Hz
  •          Attenuation: High
    The High Performance  MU70 Filter Range has been specifically designed to overcome EMC problems inherently caused by switched mode power supplies, in applications especially where size constraints are an issue.
    This new range of micro size filters has high attenuation factors and high current capabilities without having a large profile. Switched mode power supplies electronically switch high voltages and currents to improve efficiency
    and reduce losses in power conversion. This switching generates high levels of Radio Frequency Interference (RFI)
    and high energy surges which can disturb or damage other electronics circuits.
    The High Performance  MU70 Filter series is a two-stage design available with or without an earth line choke in a 2 line and 3 line  format, with excellent suppression characteristics particularly at 10K - 200KHz where power supplies tend not to perform and require effective attenuation, the filter will also reduce harmonic distortion. 
    The filter components are housed in compact chassis mounted, aluminum enclosures that allows side or base
    Mounting, it is then encapsulated in a polyurethane potting compound to give excellent protection against shock and
    vibration.   These combinations give a total range of over 20 filter applications. This filter is also available with a 400Hz capability.