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Design & Manufacture

EMC Design & EMC Manufacture.

Total EMC Products engineering capabilities and expertise allow us to offer a unique service, of providing EMC compatibility for all electrical requirements, including military, commercial, industrial, and medical, DC, AC and other specialist services.

The main sectors include:




Products and Services for all forces groups.


Military products from Total EMC Products are designed to meet the most stringent requirements of any military specifications, to ensure your product meets these standards. Filters have very high attenuation at lower frequencies where commercial filters do not perform. Blower and condenser fan filters to bring your commercial fan up to Military emission standards. Filters for COTS power supplies to upgrade the EMC performance to Military grade. Power Supplies that have input and output filtering to ensure compliance when connected to your application.

Filtered connectors and feed through devices that will clear EMC issues at the point of entry or exit.


 Commercial and Industrial


From economy IEC filters; variable speed drive filters; switch mode power supply filters to 3000A industrial drive filters; Total EMC Products have a solution ready.


Total EMC Products are able to supply a wide range of EMC filters to suit your application including economy IEC input filters in various ratings and values. Total EMC Products have a number of options for larger filtering requirements even up to 3000A /Phase


Custom Design and Development


Design and Development of products to suit your requirements, is our forte. With our qualified team we are able to take your requirements through to a complete production unit with all the data and assurances required for the application. We have performed many miracles in our normal process to ensure the product we design fully meets your requirements; with new technologies employed and full ISO 9001 design quality, the final product is tailored exactly how you require it.

From simple size or cost restraints to the harshest environmental and EMC requirement we are able to resolve the requirement.